Seyi Makinde Assures The People Of Oyo State No Other Lost Life As He Support Peaceful Protest (Video)

Seyi Makinde

Seyi Makinde The Government of Oyo State has come out to the public in a life broadcast held yesterday (12-10-2020).

He stated his plan and what he has been doing about the Protest, in his word he also ensures the people of Oyo State especially Ogbomosho that no other life will be lost as he expresses his sympathy to the parent of the lost ones.


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Seyi Makinde Further Said that this EndSARS Protest is a strong sign of a systematic failure on the part of those that has been constitutional empowered to protect the citizens, it calls into the question, Why the Governor As Called the chief security officers of their states whereas they don’t have full control over the police force.

He indulge the people to keep calm during the protest as he would call the police to allow the residents of Oyo state to have a peaceful protest without the fear of being assaulted.

Watch video below:-

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